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Round my hometown, the people I’ve met are the wonders of my world

Living 900 miles away from everything and everyone I know so comfortably inarguably brings bouts of homesickness. Luckily for me, mine are few and far between. However, the past few weeks have been rather rough. I’m missing my family and friends nonstop. I was able to get some relief this past weekend with a visit from my best friend.

She’d never been to the Windy City, so I was beyond excited to show her my city and where and how I live. It’s drastically different than how we grew up, so it’s always a hoot to hear reactions and opinions about urban life from those not well-acquainted. For instance, the frequent use of public transit. You just don’t take a bus anywhere in New Orleans. It’s sketchy and probably gross. I actually wouldn’t know because, like I said, you just don’t take public transportation. I think she got a kick out of the bus and train system.

It was one heck of a good time the three days she was here. It is always so bittersweet when someone from back home visits. I love having a little Louisiana in my Midwest World, but, man, when it comes time for them to leave, I’m a mess. I’ll admit it: I’m a crier. I shed a few tears each time I say goodbye and feel a little foolish. It’s who I am, though. I am reminded how lucky I am to have the family and friends I do.

Ok, enough being a sap for one post.

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One Response to Round my hometown, the people I’ve met are the wonders of my world

  1. Britney

    Is it really 900 miles? That’s OOC.

    You’re definitely right about public transit in NOLA- or anywhere in Louisiana sans college campuses. Honestly, didn’t even realize NOLA had public transportation besides street cars for tourists. ha.

    Keep ‘em comin, home girl.

    As I’ve always said, you’re the best in the Midwest.

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