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Deep city lights, girl could get lost tonight

I tend to get the crazy eye from people when I divulge that I wake up at 5:30am a few days a week to run. I think these people have two thoughts: 1) RUNNING!? WTF? 2) 5:30AM!? WTF? Yes, to both questions.

I’ll admit it. Getting up that early is not fun. It’s not always easy. However, the city is so quiet and peaceful during that time, which pushes me to get out of my (very comfy, warm) bed. My run is undisturbed and I can truly lose myself.

The sunrise over Lake Michigan is always so beautiful. It’s different every morning. It takes all I have not to just stop, sit there and watch the sky change colors. Running south on the Lakeshore Drive path, I stare at the early morning Chicago skyline. It’s different somehow than any other time of day.┬áThe Hancock Building. The Sears Tower (not Willis Tower, gross) in the distance. River North. I fall in love with my city all over again and think that I could never leave.

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  1. Ashley Ulicsni

    As I’m reading this it make me miss Chicago copious amounts and even more than that I miss you. I am so inspired by you and look forward to your future posts. Keep up the positivity, trust me people need it.

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