Logical Nonsense

Come on skinny love, just last the year

Seriously, I’m really bad at this. Oh well. I write when I can. I’ve been on a huge Bon Iver kick lately. I realize I’m about four or five years late to the Bon Iver train, but better late than never. My yoga instructor a week or two ago played some of their songs during […]

Do you want to go the seaside?

I’m a sucker for the small things in life. I don’t need to do or have all these grandiose things to appreciate being alive. I think about this often when I get up in the mornings and can sit at my little breakfast bar with my cup of coffee. There’s something that is serene and […]

The night city grows

I’ve gone and done it. I really did. And I’m really going to do it. I honestly never thought I’d get the cojones. But I did and do. I registered for the Chicago Marathon. Yes, I felt like I was going to puke. I still feel like I’m going to puke. But I want to […]

Für Elise

I’m sure no one has noticed that the title of my blog posts are song lyrics (usually) from the song I’m currently listening to or have in my head. I’ve been on a classical music kick for the past few weeks and because there are no words, I’ve elected to just use the title of […]

Travel Musings

Being a traveling woman sure did throw a kink in my blog posting. No fear, I am back (unfortunately) from Spain and nearly back in the groove. Do I really even need to comment on how fantastic my trip was? Probably not, but just to indulge you a bit. Madrid was rainy, but we enjoyed […]

Oh, Spain

It’s day three in Spain for Lauren and I. It’s nearly 5am here and I am wide awake. No, not because we’ve been out partying or running the streets of Madrid. I believe jet lag and the 12 hours we slept last night to be the culprit. I hate when I can’t sleep. I honestly […]

I wanna be where you are

I have had an entire weekend of a whole lot of nothing. Call me a loser, but it was and is fabulous. In addition to my love of laziness, I choose to do nothing because I’m saving for my upcoming trip to Spain. The glorious land of tapas, flamenco and Spanish wine. If I let […]